Founded by Bob Fish in 2013, Fishskin Upholstery Studios is one of the Pacific Northwest's best when it comes to upholstery

Bob has been in the upholstery industry for the last 30 years. He's passionate about what he does and makes sure to hear what his customers want. He's not the kind of boss who's in the office, he's in the workshop helping to design and build the upholstery with his team. Bob leads a team of highly motivated individuals that have keen ears and talent. 

The goal of fishskin upholstery studios is to be customer focused, quality driven, and value conscious.  Our first responsibility is to our customers: Understand each customer's needs and objectives through frequent and clear communication. Provide exceptional service and innovative products to meet customer requirements. Observe the highest ethical standards in all of our actions. Recruit and retain people of the highest ability and integrity. 

We use the finest materials from Unika Vaev, BuzziSpace, and Spinneybeck. Great upholstery starts with the best materials. 

On his free time he enjoys recording music at his home studio, playing with his dogs and spending time with his wife and two kids. And as a Portland Native he enjoys coffee, lots of coffee. 

Bob Fish, Founder